800 Sq.ft Photography Studio Hire London Space


Use our large space for all your photoshoot and videoshoot. You will have plenty of room and be able to use various format of lenses to suit your needs.

Studio Gallery

Our studio is fully decorated and equipped with over 500+ professional equipment.

Infinity Cove – white infinity cove.
Changing Room – curtain based changing area.
Vanity Mirror – make up area for make-up artists.
WIFI – free wi-fi access
Iron and Iron Table – Iron and iron table available.
Extra Tables – Extra table and stools available.
Extension Cables – For extra power sockets.
Tea and Coffee – enjoy free tea and coffee while you are in the studio.
Lounge Area – relax and get comfortable in our leather sofa.
Male / Female Toilets – separate male and female toilets easily located.