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Are you looking for a blackout studio London? London top blackout studio for anyone looking for blackout studio space to shoot in black background for all type of photography and videography. Use black studio for commercial photography, build large sets, music video, photoshoot and drive in blackout music videos.

Blackout Studio

In our studio, we have 30m wide, 4.5m long black backdrop. To use our blackout studio you can simply slide the black drape from left to right using our railing system. Our black backdrop is industry standard created by leading vfx manufacturer based in England so it is highly durable, thick, heavy and fire resistance.

There is no other film studio London who can accommodate you with a blackout studio space which is 30m wide and 4.5m long. You can use it for small, medium and large production shoot.

Blackout Studio Space

If you would like a freshly steamed black background, let us know and we can provide you smooth, wrinkle free blackout drape. A lot of work has gone from measuring, stitching and regularly cleaning and maintaining our studio equipment so that you can make use of them to its full compatibility.

Blackout Film Studio London

You will have plenty space to shoot a lot of different type of photography or videography in our spacious blackout studio. We have invested heavily in our studio using industry standard equipment for all type of shoot so that you can focus more on your production and less thinking about equipment.

You will be extremely satisfied with our blackout studio. To use our 30m wide, 4.5m long blackout studio, contact us today on 020 8305 2849 or email info@cineviewstudios.com

Cheap Blackout Studio London

Our film studio is the cheapest blackout studio space in London. There are studios in London who charges thousands of pounds to use black backdrop smaller than ours. We have the most affordable and versatile blackout studio in London.

Blackout Studio Hire London

Use our amazing blackout facility to drive a car inside our studio to shoot in complete black background. We have had number of music videos shot in our studio where client bring car to shoot in black background. They look absolutely amazing! It brings a lot of production value to the video.

You can always use our easy railing system to roll the black drape when you don’t need it. It takes just ten minutes.

Ready to hire our amazing blackout studio in affordable prices?

We will answer any questions you may have about our blackout studio space.


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