Infinity Cove Studio

Ground level studio with drive in access has a huge L shape 10m x 10m infinity cove (cyc wall) with lighting grid and height of 5.8m. The cove can be painted to your choice of colour or have it pre-rigged using our in-house lighting.

This huge infinity cove is a great for anyone looking for a studio space with a large white space and fill up the space with your ideas. Generally used for music videos, all type of photography shoots, adverts, product demonstration, fashion photography and many many more. Basically, it’s a white space so fill it up with colour, set design it however you want it. Over the years we had so many versatile photography and videos been shot in our studio from start up business to well established brands. We cater for everyone which is why we are the most affordable studio hire in London.

Infinity Cove Size Ceiling Height with Lighting Truss Studio Floor Electricity
10m x 10m 5.8m Ground Level 1x – 63AMP 3 phase + Distro
3x – 32AMP single phase
8x – 16AMP single phase
10x – 13AMP single phase


Q1: What is an infinity cove and how does it benefit my project?
An infinity cove, also known as an infinity wall or cyclorama, is a seamless, curved wall that creates the illusion of endless space. It eliminates visible corners and edges, allowing for smooth, continuous backgrounds in your shots. This feature provides versatility for different types of photography and videos.


Q2: What are the dimensions of the L shape infinity cove studio?
Our studio offers a generous 10 by 10-meter space with a towering height of 5.8 meters, perfect for unleashing your creative imagination.


Q3: Is the infinity cove pre-lit?
Yes, the infinity cove comes pre-lit, which means it is equipped with professional lighting setups to ensure even and consistent illumination throughout the cove. This feature simplifies the setup process and enhances the quality of your visuals.


Q4: Can the infinity cove be custom painted to match my brand’s colour?
Absolutely! Our studio offers the option to custom paint the infinity cove to match your brand’s specific colours, ensuring a seamless integration of your brand identity into your creative projects.


Q5: What is the lighting grid and how can I access it?
The lighting grid is an overhead structure equipped with lighting fixtures. It allows for precise placement and control of lighting to achieve the desired ambiance and effects. We provide a scissor lift for easy and safe access to the lighting grid, enabling adjustments to be made according to your creative requirements.


Q6: What power options are available in the studio?
Our studio offers three-phase 63 amp power, as well as single-phase 32 amp and 16 amp power options. These power provisions accommodate a range of equipment and lighting setups required for your projects.


Q7: Is there drive-in access for larger props and vehicles?
Yes, the studio features drive-in access, making it convenient to bring in larger props, sets, and even vehicles directly into the studio. This accessibility ensures a smooth workflow for your production needs.


Q8: What equipment or facilities are available for set-up and production?
Our studio is equipped with a scissor lift for lighting grid access, pre-lit infinity cove, customisable background colours, and various power options. Additionally, we provide ample space and resources to support your creative vision.


Q9: How do I book the L shape infinity cove studio?
To book the studio or inquire about studio rates and availability, and any additional services, please contact our booking team at or telephone 020 8305 2849.


Q10: Can I schedule a visit to the studio before booking?
Absolutely! We encourage clients to schedule a visit to the studio to see the facilities and space firsthand. To arrange a visit, kindly get in touch with our team at or telephone 020 8305 2849.


Q11: Are there any additional services available, such as equipment rental or technical support?
Yes, we offer additional services such as equipment rental, technical support, and expert guidance to ensure your production runs smoothly. Feel free to discuss your specific needs with our team.


Q12: What safety measures are in place within the studio?
Your safety is our priority. Our studio adheres to all necessary safety protocols and standards. We provide safety guidelines for using the scissor lift and other equipment, ensuring a secure and comfortable working environment.


Q13: Can I bring my own crew and team to the studio?
Absolutely! You are welcome to bring your own crew and team to the studio to execute your creative projects. Our spacious studio layout accommodates collaborative efforts.


Q14: Is the studio suitable for both photography and video projects?
Yes, the studio is designed to cater to both photography and videography projects. The pre-lit infinity cove, lighting grid, and versatile setup make it an ideal space for a wide range of creative endeavours.


Q15: Is there parking available on-site?
Yes, we provide on-site parking facilities for your convenience, including drive-in access for larger vehicles and props.


Q16: Can I host events or workshops in the studio?
Absolutely! Our studio can be adapted for events, workshops, and other creative gatherings. Please reach out to our team to discuss your event requirements.