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Infinity Cove Studio

Infinity Cove is a large white background usually U shape, L shape and Straight. They are used as a large backdrop to shoot commercial photography, advert, music video shoot, fashion photography and e-commerce photography. Infinity Cove is versatile so you can use infinity cove for any type of photoshoot or videoshoot. Our infinity cove is L shape.

White Cove Studio London

Take your video to the next level with professional infinity cove. With Cineview Studios, you have access to our large white infinity cove that is 30ft x 29ft wide and height of 14.4ft. You can choose to use our cove for music videos, adverts, commercial stills, e-commerce photography, online visuals and all type of photography contents.

Infinity Cove with Lighting Grid

Clear the floor and light the cove by hanging lights and props in our lighting grid. Create stress-free content by taking advantage of our grid. You have access to a large grid by using a scissor lift or hook ladders. 6x - 16amp and 5x - 13amp power is available on the grid so you have plenty of power.

Paint Infinity Cove

Do you want to paint the cove to your choice of colour? We can do that for you. Simply let us know in detail what colour you want the cove to be.

Infinity Cove with Drive-in-Access

Bring vehicle inside our drive-in-access infinity cove. We have a large shutter access in our studio where you can bring cars, large props and equipment.

Infinity Cove Studio London

To hire our studio and shoot in our lovely white L shape infinity cove, contact us today on 020 8305 2849 or email info@cineviewstudios.com

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One of the largest infinity cove studio hire in London. Infinity cove is used for music videos, commercial filmmaking, video shoots, photography, e-commerce photoshoots, studio video shoots.

What is Infinity Cove? / Cyc Wall?

Infinity cove is a fake white wall which is used by photographers and filmmakers for seamless photoshoot and videos. White cove is also primarily used to avoid shadows in the background. There are different types of infinity cove, L shape, U shape and I shape.

How big is your Infinity Cove?

Our infinity cove is 30 ft / 9.1m x 28 ft / 8.5m. Our infinity cove is L shape.

Do you charge money to use Infinity Cove?

There is no charge is using our infinity cove. Use our infinity cove for Music Video Shoots, Photo Shoots, Commercial Shoots, Interviews, Film Shoots, Dance Shoots, Cars & Motorcycles, Production Events

Can you re-paint the cove?

We can re-paint the cove for your requirement. We have re-painted our cove many time for small, medium and large photoshoot and video shoot. Simply email us info@cineviewstudios.com if you would like to re-paint the cove.