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Fully equipped studio hire that aims to provide professional studio hire services and photography services in London at affordable rate.
1. Infinity cove studio
We have a large white infinity cove in the studio. Use it for popular e-commerce photoshoot, portrait photoshoot or music video shoot.
2. Colorama backgrounds
Do you like to shoot in colour backgrounds? Pick and choose your choice of backdrop from our large collection of colorama backdrops.
3. Large space
Our large open plan space photo studio means you can move around, be flexible with your choice of lenses while shooting.
4. Studio Assistant
Well experienced and professional studio assistant will always help you setup and advice you if needed for your shoot.

Studio Hire Prices

We are proud to offer wide range of affordable photo studio hire services in London. Our team of dedicated qualified studio manager and photographer will ensure that you get the best and affordable service at a friction of a cost.

Please see the list of our studio hire prices.

2 Hours
£ 55
Equipment Included
4 Hours
£ 90 Half Day
Equipment Included
8 Hours
£ 170 Full Day
Equipment Included

Cheap Film Studio Hire

An affordable well established film studio in London. We cater our services to fit your budget. Create professional videos in our film studio with minimum costs.

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Customer Reviews

Cineview Studios is the most affordable professional photo studio hire in London. Check out what our clients say about the studio.

Cheap Photo Studio Hire

We offer a range of photo studio hire options to suit the needs of a casual client, to the more frequent user with membership packages. You can also use our high end photographic equipment after creating your booking for our studio space; however, please note that our photographic equipment can only be used within our studio.

If you are looking for a cost effective studio hire london for any creative projects or events, check out our studio hire prices and head over to our studio hire contact page.

Photoshoot Studio London

Cineview Studios is a professional photoshoot studio in London . Are you looking for a professional photography studio in London for your photoshoot? Here are some professional images created in the studio by some of our clients.

And it’s all just one phone call away:  020 3468 4236

Studio Equipment

Studio has large collection of professional photographic and filmmaking equipment

Studio Address

London Studio Hire

18-36 Wellington Street,
SE18 6PF

Phone:  020 3468 4236




108, Island Business Centre,
18-36 Wellington Street,
SE18 6PF
020 3468 4236

Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.

And it’s all just one phone call away:  020 3468 4236

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Latest news, update and tutorial about photography and filmmaking.