Welcome to Cineview Studios Photography Studio Hire London.

Our photography Studio Hire London has 800 sq.ft of open space fully equipped with professional lights, infinity cove and large area for your creative uses.

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Photo Studio Hire London

Cineview Studios serves, photographers, filmmakers, business and creative industry and student, in the UK and world-wide. Nearly 500+ professional equipment suitable for all type of creative work. We are in the list of top affordable studio in London. Hire our professional studio and services at affordable price!!
1. Infinity cove studio
We have a large white infinity cove in the studio. Use it for popular e-commerce photoshoot, portrait photoshoot or music video shoot.
2. 25+ colorama backdrops
Do you like to shoot in colour backdrop? Pick and choose your choice of backdrop from our large collection of backdrops.
3. Large space
Our large open plan space photo studio means you can move around, be flexible with your choice of lenses while shooting.
4. Studio manager
Well experienced and professional studio assistant will always help you setup and advice you if needed for your shoot.

And it’s all just one phone call away:  0203 468 4236

Why over 8,000 UK photographers and filmmakers love Studio Hire London - Cineview Studios

We are the leading photo studio hire in UK's impressive creative industry.


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Studio Hire London

Cineview Studios - Best Photo Studio Hire in London
Our studio space is a modern and bright creative space that can be used for Photography or Video projects, hosting events, classes or any other functions which requires a large open floor plan. Check our gallery to see pictures.

Our facility is fully equipped with WIFI, heavy goods access from front and rear entrance, colorama backdrop facilities and full set of continuous lights.

Our Photography Studio Hire in London is one of the best equipped and best value studio space in London. We offer a number of prices and packages that suit individuals/groups/organisations looking for a once off studio hire or ongoing studio hire. Our studio hire prices start from £90. For more information visit our packages page for more information.

We can be found at:

Address: Island Business Centre, 18-36 Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18 6PF
Opening Hours: 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-3pm on Saturday
Contact: info@cineviewstudios.com
Phone: 0203 468 4236
Note: If you have a date/booking availability enquiry, please check availability here first.

For all studio hire inquiries and bookings please email our friendly team, or you can start your booking here.

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Hire London Photo Studio

Photo Studio Hire London

Our photography Studio Hire London has 800 sq.ft of open space equipped with diverse surfaces and areas for your creative uses.

Here are some sample images some of our clients have created in our beautiful studio.

Versatile Creative Space


We offer a range of hire options to suit the needs of a casual client, to the more frequent user with membership packages. You can also use our high end photographic equipment after creating your booking for our studio space; however, please note that our photographic equipment can only be used within our studio. If you are looking for a cost effective Studio Hire London for any creative projects or events, check out our prices below and head over to our contact page.

Studio Hire Prices:

Every hire booking requires a 50% deposit to cover any last minute equipment hire fees, overtime fees, and damages caused to either the space, contents or equipment.

Studio Equipment:

Studio has 4 sets of photographic lights and over 5 different modifiers which are available for you to while you hire our studio.

Film Studio Hire London:

Use our large collection of continuous lights for your video shoots. We have 4ft kino flo and 2ft kino flo ready for you to use. We also have ARRI T2 lights and ARRI 600ws lights. Ready to be used when you hire our film studio.

Photography services:

On top of Studio Hire, Cineview Studios also provides photography services including our in-house photographer: e-commerce, fashion photoshoot, portrait photoshoot in London, headshot photography, maternity photography in London, Beauty Photoshoot and many many more. Get in touch with us today via our contact page to find out how we can provide you these services.


  • Strobes/Triggers
    4x - Lencarta 600Ws superfast 2x - Lencarta universal wireless trigger
  • Continuous Lights
    1x - ARRI T2 - 2000ws 1x - HWASTUDIO 1000ws 2x - HWASTUDIO 650ws 1x - ARRI 650ws 2x - ARRI 300ws 1x - Kino Flo 4ft 1x - Kino Flo 2ft
  • Colorama backdrops
    25+ Colorama backdrop


London Studio Hire

18-36 Wellington Street,
SE18 6PF

Email:  info@cineviewstudios.com
Phone:  0203 468 4236


London Studio Hire can be a very expensive exercise. Here at Cineview Studios our stunningly large, spacious and very well equipped creative space is designed to cater for a wide range of uses and our studio hire prices are designed to cater for all budgets from the enthusiast to the working professional.



108, Island Business Centre,
18-36 Wellington Street,
SE18 6PF
0203 468 4236

Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.


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