Photo Studio Hire in London

Cineview Studios is a professional photography studio in Greenwich, Woolwich. Our large 800 sq.ft studio has a beautifully curved white infinity cove, superfast strobe lights, softboxes, octaboxes, beautydish, stripbox, make-up room, changing room, free tea & coffee, free Wi-Fi and natural light – All for £60 for 4 hours.

Our studio is perfect for all photography and filming whether its portrait, product photography (product photography table & mannequin), fashion shoots, modelling, commercial photo & video shoots, corporate photo or video shoots, interviews, music videos. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your photo and video project.

  • Professional Photo Studio Hire

    bamanya - Bamanya
    Highly recommend it. Simply the best and the level of professionalism is to praise. Equipment wise, I was offered more than I was expecting.

    Very nice place for the price. Feel like home.
  • Highly Recommended

    Julia Simone
    julia - Julia Simone
    I used the studio last week for a photoshoot.

    Needless to say, it was the best studio I have ever used.

    Highly recommended.
  • Product Photography Studio

    David Nwamarah
    Twelve sons Logo 150x150 - David Nwamarah
    Excellent professional service we use to do some of our product photography for our brand Twelvesons.

    Staff are courteous and friendly, location is easy to get to and the prices are great! I 100% recommend!
  • Low Price Studio

    Simon Clifton
    simon photo - Simon Clifton
    Perfectly located and well equipped studio in the heart of Woolwich.

    Exceptional staff, amazing facilities and very well priced.

    Thoroughly recommended!
  • Range of Studio Equipment

    Mumin Abdul
    Really nice studio with a good range of equipment.
    If you're on a budget this is the studio to go to.

    Great customer service.
  • Professional Fashion Photoshoot

    Giulia Bazzoni
    the wanderlast - Giulia Bazzoni
    Great studio

    Everything that is needed for a professional photoshoot.

    The owner is very professional and welcoming. Would recommend it.
  • Spacious Photography Studio

    Ganesh Khadka
    ganesh photo - Ganesh Khadka
    The studio has large space, great equipments, and facilities - changing room, make-up area and tea and coffee area.
    I recommend this studio to any photographers looking for a studio hire in London.
  • Heartfelt Service

    Barbara Chabior
    barbara - Barbara Chabior
    You will received much more then you have expected! True Heartfelt Service and amazingly professional and Elegant Setting!
  • Very Good Photo Studio

    Leon Mandandu
    Very good studio and the work was done with no problems.

FAQ’S & Blog

  • How can I book the studio?

    You can book the studio by calling us on 020 3468 4236 for availability or email us at if you cannot get through our telephone or if you have a special requirement for your shoot.

  • Are lights included in the hire price?

    Yes, it is.

  • What colorama backdrops are available?

    We have various colorama backdrops to suit your needs. Our current backdrops: Blue, Black, Grey, Purple, Buttercup and Green. We can accomodate your choice of backdrops. Please enquire.

  • Can I hire Cineview Studios for a video shoot?

    Yes you can. So many of our satisfied clients have used the studio for a music video, YouTube videos, commercial, lookbook, make-up video and interviews.