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Book this best studio in London for wide services, photo studio hire to film studio hire, green screen studio and professional photoshoot.

Infinity Cove Studio | White Cove Studio | Cove Studios London

Use our large L shape professional infinity cove studio for professional photoshoot to commercial music videos.

Lighting Grid | Overhead Lighting

Lighting grid allows you to hang lights without casting shadows. Extensive grip equipment are available to hang all type of lighting equipment.

Blackout Studio | Blackout Film Studio

Our studio is not only 100% blackout, we are also No.1 blackout studio in London. We have 30m wide black backdrop available for your requirement.

Fully Equipped | In-House Equipment

Our studio is fully equipped for small to large productions. View our studio hire equipment for all our professional equipment. All the equipment are in-house so they are readily available for you.

Rental Friendly | Partnership with Rental Companies

We are a rental friendly studio. We are cool if you decide to bring equipment from rental houses. Just inform us when you bring external equipment.

Music Video Studio | Studio Hire For Music Video Filmmakers

We are No.1 music video studio hire in London for independent music videos to commercial music videos.

Affordable for Music Videos | Cheap Music Video Studio Hire

Save money when you hire our studio for music videos. There are studios in London who will charge you hundreds of pounds for your music videos.

Lighting Equipment | Colour Lighting

Extensive list of equipment inventory on site makes our studio one of the most feasible studio hire in London for music artist and filmmakers.

Drive in Studio | Cars, Motorbikes Access Studio

Are you looking for a drive in studio to shoot cars and motorbikes? We are No.1 affordable drive in studio in London. We have shutter access where you can easily drive in cars and motorbikes.

Large Sets | Build Props | Open Space Studio Hire

Are you looking for a studio to build sets? Do you want to shoot large props in a studio? Our open space studio ensures that your filming or shoot is hassle-free.

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Who are we?

Cineview Studios is your go-to studio hire for photo studio hire deals, last minute studio hire, film studio hire and professional photoshoot services that will inspire you.

We’re a team of passionate, savvy photographers and filmmakers on a mission to make it easy for you to hire our studio for the best studio hire deals in London.

As one of the London’s largest studio hire company, Cineview Studios is the starting point for your photo studio hire and film studio hire.

How do we do it?

Our professional studio space makes it simple for anyone looking to hire studio space in London. We have number of deals and professional staff to make it simple to find cheap photo studio hire and film studio hire.

We partner with hundreds of photographers, music video directors, agencies – big and small – to bring you cheap affordable studio hire options.

Our expertise on studio hire rental combining with professional studio equipment makes an ideal studio to hire for everyone. Everyone chooses our studio for endless possibilities and help achieve on a budget.

Why come to us?

Millions of photographers, agencies, filmmakers, music video directors rely on us for trusted studio hire and the best selection of cheap photo studio hire and film studio hire deals.

Our professional experts have been serving up useful tips on photography and filmmaking for the past 10 years.

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