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an affordable film and photography studio hire in London

Cineview Studios is a professional photographic and film studio in South East London, Greenwich. Studio has a beautifully curved white infinity cove, colorama backdrops, fully equipped with lights, softboxes, octaboxes, beautydish, stripbox, make-up room, changing room, free tea & coffee, free Wi-Fi and shower.

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Studio Hire London For All Occasions

Cineview Studios is a premium studio hire for photo studio hire and film studio hire in London. Think as big as you want, our facilities are available for small shoot to large commercial shoot and can be catered and tailored to your needs. You can also hire our studio for corporate events, product launch, meeting, exhibition and many many more. You are in need of a photographer or videographer in your package? Hire our in-house professional photographer or videographer who specialises in all aspects of portrait photography, e-commerce photography, product photography and beauty, hair and make-up photography, interview, music videos, beauty and make up video shoot, adverts, corporate videoshoot and green screen. Our studio is available for hire for all occasions.


Fully Equipped
Film and Photography Studio

We have large quantities of filmmaking and photography equipment for your needs. 4x 600ws strobe lights, arri 2k, arri 1k, arri 800w, arri 650w, arri 300w, kino flo flathead 80, kino flo 4ft, kino flo 2ft, aputure 120D II, 4x octaboxes (120cm and 90cm), 3x softboxes, 3x stripboxes, 10x Manfrotto heavy duty stand and roller, 18x c-stands, 24x colorama backdrops.

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Why Cineview?

2,000 Sq.ft

Capacity for small, medium and large shoots


Over 60 people standing

OVER 700


Infinity Cove 30ft x 28ft

Drive-in studio to shoot cars

400+ Equipment

State of the art equipment


Successfully completed


High ceiling for raising lights, tall props


Open 7 days a week


Best Studio

Photo Studio Hire

We have worked with various organisation and clients over the years. Our reputation is build upon mutual understanding between our clients and the studio. Building a relationship and working around our client's vision has made our studio to be their first and ideal studio hire in London.

Film Studio Hire

We specialise in providing cheap film studio hire service in London. Our studio has been used by small production house to large corporate marketing company for video shoots. We have priced our studio in a way that we target small video shoots to large car shoots.

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