Drive in Studio / Ground Floor / Load in and Out

Ground level studio with drive in access has a huge shutter access with concrete floor and lighting grid for overhead lighting and height of 5.8m. The drive in studio has access to large 10m x 10m white infinity cove and blackout studio as well as green screen studio.

One of the great advantage of having a drive in access studio is that you can drive in cars for automotive photography, load in large props and sets. Easily load in equipment. Over the years we had so many versatile photography and videos been shot in our drive in studio from start up business to well established brands. We cater for everyone which is why we are the most affordable studio hire in London.

Studio Size Ceiling Height with Lighting Truss Studio Floor Electricity
2,000 sq.ft 5.8m Ground Level 1x – 63AMP 3 phase + Distro
3x – 32AMP single phase
8x – 16AMP single phase
10x – 13AMP single phase