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Drive in Studio

Our studio has a drive in access where you can bring in cars, bikes and large sets to take pictures and shoot videos. Drive in access is very important for us because we can fit in large objects in the studio for small, medium and large shoots. Are you looking for a drive in studio where you want to shoot cars, vehicles and have access to build sets? As soon as you enter from our drive in access, you will find our large L shape infinity cove where you can easily put car and set in ready to shoot. No complication what so ever. Our infinity cove is L shape. Dimension of 30ft x 28ft width. Height of our infinity cove is 18ft.

Easy Access

We maintain our infinity cove regularly. If you would like a freshly painted cove, let us know and we can provide you freshly painted cove. A lot of work has gone from structure of the cove to make sure the cove is maintained regularly so that our client makes use of the cove to its full compatibility.

Cheap Drive In Studio

Our studio is the cheapest drive in studio in London. There are studios in London who charges thousands of pounds. We are the most affordable drive in studio.

Drive In Studio with Infinity Cove

Cineview Studios' drive-in studio has an added bonus of an infinity cove, making it perfect for car commercials, motorbikes adverts, and other productions that require both a vehicle and a seamless background. This unique feature allows for even more creative possibilities.

Drive In Studio London

To hire our studio for drive in shoot in our lovely white L shape infinity cove, contact us today on 020 8305 2849 or email