London Based Photography Studio

We're the perfect choice for photographers and filmmakers looking for a cheap photography studio rental. We offer a wide variety of options to fit any budget and have the latest technologies available to make any project come to life.

Professional Photography Studio with Professional Equipment

Our extensive selection of backdrops, props, and lights allows you to bring your vision to life like never before! Our equipment can be rented on a daily basis giving you complete control over your project.

Success from studio hire entry

Make your next cheap photo studio rental at Cineview, where we will help you hit the ground running. Our dedicated staff will connect you to our existing equipment and familiarise you with it, ensuring that you create professional pictures.

E-commerce Photography Studio

“Cineview Studios is the Top photography studio hire in London for e-commerce photography studio”. We only use Cineview for all our look-book campaigns’
– Rob Abbott

Budget Photography Studio

“When you’re on a budget, the cheapest photography studio you can hire is cineview studios!’
– Oliver Thompson

My Regular Studio

“I absolutely love Cineview! It has plenty of options for me. Large space with versatile equipment.’
– Megan Jones
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