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Electric Bike Advertisement

This amazing video shot in our studio with all our Arri lights and Kino Flo lights. Client wanted a clean video with smooth transaction in between. We used a lot of diffuser to create a smooth diffused look from the harsh tungsten Arri lights. Volt manager is so happy with this fantastic result, Volt is now one of our regular client.


Nike New Trainer

We have had amazing brands working in our studio over the past 3 years but it was nothing like Nike using our brand to create video. This slow motion ad from Nike shot in our studio looks stunning.


Hip-Hop and Rap Music Video Shoot

Are you looking for a film studio to shoot your music video? Are you frustrated by small studio with lack of professional lights and equipment?

Choose Cineview Studios as your No.1 film studio to shoot your music video because we have large space, professional lights and equipment and we are always available to help you setup your shoot.


Dirty Dike – Caustic Soda

The concept by this and that media – to shoot video with upside down. So, the director used props (lamp) and other props to create this illusion. If you watch the entire video, you will see this upside down aspect. Cool concept and cool video.


AraCarA Music – 24/7

Are you looking for a cheap music video studio? Check out this music video shot by Russell (Fox and Falcon Productions) with touch of colour and awesome performance by AraCar.

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Cineview Studios is a well established film studio in London. We cater our services to fit your budget. Create professional videos in our film studio with minimum costs.

Professional Equipment

All our equipment are professional for professional video shoots. We are more than happy to provide you our in-house equipment. Just tell us what you need for your video shoot.

Video Assistant

Do you need an assistant for your video shoot? We have in house video assistant who is ready to assist on any video project. If you need help to setup lights or to move camera, don’t hesitate to ask.

Infinity Cove Studio

Create amazing content in our large white infinity
cove. Create dynamic video in the cove.


Decorate your video with props and colourful gels.
We have wide range of props and gels available at
the studio.