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Why Choose Cineview Studios To Shoot Your Next Music Video?

Cineview Studios is the most affordable music video studio hire and film studio hire for video production – helping independent artists and labels create high-quality visuals. We have exceptional facilities for anyone looking for a white infinity cove to blackout studio space. If you are looking for VFX on your music videos, we have a large pre-lit green screen studio as well so you can shoot all your green screen content.

Studio Facilities For Your Music Video Shoot

With a large infinity cove, blackout studio, green screen studio, and drive-in studio, we provide versatile spaces for capturing stunning visuals. Designed in mind for production companies, artist, singers, music bands and music video directors.

Infinity Cove

Our studio offers a large infinity cove, providing a seamless and limitless background for your productions.

Blackout Studio

Step into our blackout studio space, where you have complete control over lighting and ambiance.

Green Screen Studio

Unleash your imagination in our pre-lit green screen studio. The perfect setup for seamless integration of green screen setup for all your visual effect productions.

Drive in Studio

Enjoy hassle-free access and take advantage of our drive-in studio for seamless production flow which requires a production with a vehicle and large props.

High Quality Music
Video Studio Hire

Our studio is the cheapest music video studio hire in London. There are studios in London who charges thousands of pounds. We are the most affordable studio hire in London for music video shoot.

Exceptional Studio Hire Services

Our studio has a drive in access infinity cove where you can bring in cars, bikes and large sets to shoot music videos. Drive in access is very important for us because we can fit in large objects in the studio for small, medium and large music video shoots. Are you looking for a drive in studio where you want to shoot cars, vehicles and have access to build sets for your music video?

As soon as you enter from our drive in access, you will find our large L shape infinity cove where you can easily put car and set in ready to shoot. No complication what so ever. Our infinity cove is L shape. Dimension of the cove 10m x 10m. Height of our studio is 4.4m.

Music Video
Studio Hire London

In our studio, you can choose to shoot your music video in white infinity cove, blackout studio and in green screen. We maintain our infinity cove regularly. If you would like a freshly painted cove, let us know and we can provide you freshly painted cove. A lot of work has gone from structure of the cove to make sure the cove is maintained regularly so that our client makes use of the cove to its full compatibility.

Ability to shoot in blackout means you can shoot in complete black background and floor. Plus, our lighting grid makes it easier to hang lights and props.

Fully Equipped Studio Equipment For
Music Video

Studio is well equipped with in house studio equipment lighting for low budget to high budget music video shoots. Whatever equipment you ned for your music videos, just let us know and we will be able to sort it out.

Music Videos Shot at Cineview Studios

Find below some of the music videos shot at Cineview Studios

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I am looking for a music video studio?

Are you looking for a film studio in London where you can shoot amazing music videos? Checkout Cineview Studios who provides studio hire rental services for anyone looking for studio space to shoot music videos.

What is included when I hire the studio?

It depends on what you want to do in the studio. We have plenty of lighting in the studio from fluorescent lighting to tungsten lighting. We also has colour lighting if you would like to shoot your music videos in colour. Simply let us know what type of lighting you need for your music videos.

How much does it cost to hire video studio?

Our studio has been used by small, medium and large production companies in the UK. You can hire our studio if you are looking for few hours or full long hours. Cineview Studios is the most affordable studio hire in London for music videos. This is the cheapest video studio hire rental company in London.