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Are you looking for a professional photo studio for hire? Are you looking for a photo studio with large space, professional equipment and outstanding services? Are you looking for a photo studio located outside congestion zone? Are you looking for a photo studio close to Central London? Are you looking for a photo studio easy to locate and travel by public transport? Are you looking for a photo studio with free parking? Are you looking for photo studio that doesn’t charge you thousands of pounds?

  • Cineview Studios provides professional photo studio hire services
  • Cineview Studios is located 5 minutes walking distance from Greenwich DLR Station and Greenwich Station
  • Cineview Studios is provides free parking

You can hire a professional photo studio at affordable prices. You are not familiar with studio lighting? In-house studio manager is always available to assist you – before your photoshoot. You can always call him in the middle of the shoot, if there is any problem. We will take care of your photoshoot. We been taking care of companies, photographers and models for over 3 years.


 Fibre Optic Wi-Fi
 Tea & Coffee
 Free Parking
 Lounge Area
 Kitchen units / Dining Table
 Steamer / Iron
 Hot & Cold Fans
 Bluetooth Speaker
 Male & Female Toilets
 Make Up Area
 Black Out
 Clothing Rails
 Fridge / Freezer
 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
 Ground Floor

Photo Studio Hire | London Photo Studio Hire | London Photography Studio Hire

Photo studio hire refers to the service of renting a professional photography studio hire space equipped with various amenities such as backdrops, lighting equipment, and props, for individuals or businesses to use for their photography projects. This allows photographers to have access to a controlled and well-equipped environment, enabling them to produce high-quality photographs for their clients.

What is Photo Studio Hire?

Photo Studio Hire is a studio hire business where a photographer, model, agencies, businesses, e-commerce businesses, modelling agencies can hire the studio space, lighting, lighting modifiers, colorama backdrops and other facilities to shoot photos for small hours to long hours.

How to hire Photo Studio?

Photo studio in London can be hired easily. Simply email or call +44 (0)20 8305 2849 for cheap photo studio hire today!

How much does it cost to hire Photo Studio?

It all depends on what you want to do in the studio. Some studios in London charges hundred of thousands of pounds for small studio space. Some studios will only provide you studio space not lighting so you will need to hire lighting on top of the prices. So, if you would like to hire cheap photo studio in London who can provide you large studio space and photography lighting, Cineview Studios is the best photo studio hire in London.