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Aputure Lantern 90

Hire Aputure Lantern 90 – Cineview Studios

Perfect when lighting infinity cove. The Aputure Lantern 90 is great to use for any sort of motion or stills. We mainly use our 4x - Aputure Lantern to pre-light the cove. You can control, modify, and skirt the light easily with its own Hook-and-Loop Skirt - you can specifically direct the light to specific area you want. At 90cm, the Lantern 90 has the same diameter as Aputure’s Light Dome II modifier, with even more diffused surface area, allowing the Lantern to instantly light up large spaces.
Aputure 600c Pro

Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro – Cineview Studios

Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro (V-Mount)

The Light Storm 600c Pro is Aputure’s first-ever full-colour point-source light fixture, complete with Bowens Mount Compatibility, custom colour-blending optics, intense output, weather resistance, and professional level connectivity. Its immensely powerful RGBWW LED chipset is capable of 600W of total output, positioning the LS 600c Pro as one of the brightest full-colour our point-source light fixtures on the market and as having the highest wattage RBGWW chipset in any point-source LED for filmmaking. And with its Bowens Mount compatibility, the LS 600c Pro is uniquely positioned as one of the most adaptable fixtures on the market.

Astera Titan Tube RGB Kit (8 x Tubes) – Cineview Studios

This Set of 8 Titan Tubes with Charging Case from Astera is a formidable setup destined for the road. The set includes eight Titan Tube LED lights and a hard, shippable charging case with a DMX-compatible PowerBox that can actually charge the tubes with them inside. Astera has provided a full array of mounting options including sixteen holders with cotter pins for truss mounting, and sixteen spigots for joining tubes together and to be used as mounting studs for the eight included floor stands.

Rayzr 400 Max RGBWW Continuous Lights, Rayzr Light – Cineview Studios

The Rayzr MC 400 is a 400W RGBWW LED light providing perfect colour reproduction in white light and throughout the whole colour spectrum for realistic lighting or to support your creative adventures.