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Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX Haze Machine – Cineview Studios

The Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX machine creates a beautiful thin atmosphere that turns any light show into an experience. Taking just two minutes to heat up, it brings with it a quick set-up whilst being capable of producing an output of 800 cfm. Set-up and operation are made even easier thanks to the built-in digital display and stand-alone models. You can change the haze output speed to suit your preference. A compact and lightweight design. The Hurricane Haze 1DX is not only highly portable but can easily fit in small venues and stages. Producing that beautiful haze wherever you may be performing. It even features a small footprint so that you can place it wherever you need to. The Hurricane Haze 1DX is a must-have machine for all stages and light shows. Producing magical sets and backdrops for all sorts of performances.