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Broncolor Para 177

Broncolor Para 177 – Cineview Studios

It is not just the form and size of Para that impresses, but above all their unique light quality and phenomenal light output. The Para is a parabolic reflector; it has 24 segments, covered with a high-gloss, tear-resistant textile reflector material. Para is not a conventional light shaper, but rather an independent lighting system: various sizes of reflector are available; the position of the lamp is always central, on the axis of the reflector; the angle influences the character of the light; the range includes three diffusers with different densities as well as honeycomb grids. No other light shaper gives bodies, faces and products so much vividness. With the broncolor Para family, every shooting is a success. Unbelievable light variability (soft cloud or spot-like), lightweight, compact and fully compatible with broncolor and third-party flash equipment – unlimited possibilities at the highest level. This para comes with medium diffuser 2 and 40° grid.