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Lick Brand Case Study
Case study: lick

Lick (a paint company) trusted our studio to create contents for their brand when they just started the business. They have used our business since than. Now, they are a multi-million business. This can be your business next.

Be Original. Be Creative, Choose Cineview
Helping Customers A Key to

Splash your creativity. Create the best of your product. It's all about perfection, isn't it?

Helping Customers A Key to Success
Be Original.
Choose Cineview Studios

Cineview Studios helps ecommerce brands create photography and videos of their products with high quality delivered on demand.


Committed to customer satisfaction.

  • First time using a studio & it did not disappoint. The area is great for anyone who is doing ecommerce such as myself. Will definitely return and use it again.

  • Absolutely top studio. The space is amazing and just delightfully perfect. We shot a music video and had the whole day without any pressure at all. The lighting rigs, backdrops,... read more

    Adil Oliver Sharif
  • I've had the pleasure of visiting Cineview Studios in Greenwich, London several times over the past couple of years, and each visit has been exceptional. The owner's commitment to providing... read more

    Mikko Koskinen
  • I recently had the pleasure of using Cineview Studios for a green screen project, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the service I received. From start to finish, my... read more

    Jordan Wade
  • Great studio space to shoot in, well organised, easy to reach and run by lovely people. Thank you for having us!

    Nikita Andrianova
  • Great working at Cineview as always. Good value and very accomodating for all our film needs!

    Imotion Films
  • Great white cove studio location with a really helpful studio manager and great facilities all round

    nick bourdeaux
  • Dipesh is a fantastic host and Cineview studios is the perfect filming venue. We have been using this facility for the past few years and regularly return for repeat shoot!... read more

    Tom Gray
  • I’ve used this studio 4-5 times now and it is without a doubt my favourite studio in London! Dipesh is super helpful & friendly & the equipment that he... read more

    James O
  • Very cool studio, Friendly stuff! For music video, photoshoot with white infinity background.. you can set how you want light backdrops. Parking avaible too if you have car. Super!

    Prince Hoc 91
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Q1: What are the studio dimensions?
Our ecommerce photography studio is 2,000 sq.ft with a ceiling height of 5.8 meters. It features a 10m x 10m infinity cove and a 10m x 10m blackout studio space on the ground floor for drive-in access.


Q2: What facilities are available in the studio?
Our ecommerce photography studio features a large hair and makeup area, a kitchen, clothing racks, industrial steamers, and hangers, making it ideal for all your eCommerce photography needs.


Q3: What types of products can be photographed in your studio?
You can use our studio to take pictures of clothes, products, or anything related to eCommerce photography. It’s a versatile space suitable for various product types.


Q4: Is there parking available at the studio?
Yes, we have ample parking space available for your convenience.


Q5: Can I bring my own photography or video equipment?
Absolutely! You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you prefer.


Q6: Can I hire a photographer or videographer through the studio?
Yes. We provide in house ecommerce photographer. Please enquire about in house ecommerce photographer when you call us or email us.


Q7: Are there any restrictions on the type of projects that can be shot in your studio?
Our studio is versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, including eCommerce photography and video shoots. However, we do have some guidelines and policies in place. Please contact us for specific project inquiries.


Q8: Is there Wi-Fi available in the studio?
Yes, we offer high-speed Wi-Fi access for your convenience during your shoot.


Q9: What makes your studio suitable for eCommerce photography?
Our studio is equipped with a 10m x 10m infinity cove, which provides a seamless and distraction-free background, perfect for showcasing products. Additionally, we offer professional lighting equipment to ensure your eCommerce photos turn out stunning.


Q10: Can you accommodate large quantities of products for eCommerce shoots?
Yes, our spacious 2,000 sq.ft studio is well-suited for shooting large quantities of products. We have the space and facilities to efficiently capture extensive product catalogs.


Q11: Are there props or backdrops available for eCommerce shoots?
Yes, we have a selection of props and various backdrop options that can be used to enhance your eCommerce product images. Please inquire about our available props and backdrops when booking.


Q12: Can I schedule recurring eCommerce photography sessions for new product launches?
Absolutely! We welcome recurring bookings for eCommerce photography sessions, especially for businesses with frequent product updates or launches. Contact us to discuss a custom scheduling arrangement.


Q13: Are there any specific studio guidelines for eCommerce photographers and businesses?
Yes, we have guidelines in place to ensure a smooth and productive eCommerce photography session. These guidelines cover studio usage, equipment handling, and safety. We’ll provide a detailed list upon booking.


Q14: Can I bring my own eCommerce models or stylists to the studio?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own eCommerce models, stylists, and creative team to the studio. We provide a comfortable hair and makeup area for your convenience.


Q15: How do I prepare my products for an eCommerce photography session?
We recommend that you arrive with your products prepped and ready for photography. This includes cleaning, steaming, and organising your items for efficient shooting. Our staff can provide some guidance upon arrival.


Q16: Is it possible to schedule early morning or late-night eCommerce photography sessions?
Yes, we offer flexible hours, including early morning and late-night slots, to accommodate your eCommerce photography needs. Please inquire about our studio hours when booking.