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Customized channels

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Our Services

We handle every enquiry with professionalism to ensure we deliver the best possible experience for our clients.

Prompt and Professional Communication

Clearly answer all questions our client posed, and provide additional information that might be useful. This initial interaction sets the tone for business relationship, so it’s essential to be thorough, respectful, and enthusiastic about meeting our client’s requirement.

Detailed Information Provision

Provide detailed information about the studio’s features, equipment, and amenities. Include specifics such as the size of the studio, types of backdrops available, lighting options, and any additional facilities like makeup rooms or green room.

Consultation and Tours

Offer a personalised consultation to discuss the client’s specific needs and how our studio can accommodate. This can be done via phone, video call, or in-person meeting. We can offer tailored advice, and demonstrate commitment to meeting your requirements.

Follow-Up and Continued Support

After the initial enquiry and any consultations or tours, we can send a follow-up message to thank our client for their interest and to reiterate key points discussed. This follow-up can also invite any further questions you might have and reassure you of your availability to assist with any additional needs.

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8+ years of experience


Cineview Studios is home of 2,000 sq.ft of studio space with large 10m x 10m infinity cove, blackout studio space, green screen studio space.

We offer studio hire services with in-house studio assistant, gaffer, photographer to your needs.

Find more info about our studio below.

Ecommerce, Fashion - Product Photography


Cineview Studios is hired for all type of photography by ecommerce and fashion brand to start-up business.

Businesses can send their product to the studio for us to take product photography.

We specialise in range of photography services – we fit the right photographer for the job. 

We use industry standard Profoto and Broncolor lighting for all photography requirement.

Model Posing for Ecommerce Photoshoot
400+ Music Videos Production


Cineview Studios is used by independent artist as well as big label companies to shoot music videos.

The size of our studio space allows large crews to create creative music videos – our large infinity cove or blackout space makes it an ideal studio space to be used by big music bands, rappers or orchestra.

Find out more about the type of music videos shot in our studio below…

Video and Photography Content Production

Content Creator

Cineview Studios provides content for businesses who uses it to showcase their product and services.

We provide photography as well as video content for UK as well as international brands.

If you’re looking for content creator for your business who can provide you content to use it to communicate to your customers about your business product or services – so you can use it for marketing and sale activity.

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400+ Equipment Rental


We have over 400+ equipment used for all type of professional photography and video production.

You can hire our kit for your production.

Get in touch with us today whether you are looking for Profoto Lighting, Aputure eLighting or wind up stands, we provide equipment rental to your location.


Based on 83 reviews
mao lin
mao lin
Dipesh is amazing! He supported us a lot! The studio is quite clean and organised. We had a wonderful production there! Highly recommend
Pratish Gurung
Pratish Gurung
Used many studios all around London but hands down Cineview Studio is the best one out there. Good Space, Infinity Cove, Backdrops, Lighting everything is top notch. Dipesh, Studio Manager has always been open to the ideas and has helped us with everything he can from his end on my projects. I would 100% the space to everyone who is looking for a good spacious space to work on your project.
Francis jack
Francis jack
Great equipment, great experience great space
Alan R
Alan R
I recently used CineView Studios for a professional video shoot and was extremely impressed with their service. The owner was incredibly friendly and accommodated us very professionally. The studio space was clean, well-maintained, and had all the equipment we needed. The final product exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend CineView Studios to anyone in need of high-quality video production services. Will definitely be using this studio in the future!
Edward Heredia
Edward Heredia
One of the best studios I've worked on. The space and studio design in general is very clever. The curtain backdrop rail and the overhead scaff grid structure allows you to work faster and have creative freedom with complete safety. The facilities are high end and very comfortable too. The studio manager is very supportive and incredibly kind. Would definitely recommend!
Rich Power
Rich Power
Dipesh is one of our regular suppliers and his studio being regularly booked is a testament to not only the quality & size of the studio, but Dipesh’s friendly and accommodating service. We use the studio whenever we can so would definitely recommend. Jemel
Frank Hammond
Frank Hammond
One of the best studio spaces in London. Clean, easy to use, and everything works, which is a rarity in a lot of London studios nowadays. Not only is the space incredible, but it's run by one of the coolest, most relaxed, open minded studio owners out there. Lots of kit on hand, a very easily accessible overhead lighting rig and tons of power options. Will definitely be coming back!
Olawale Raimi
Olawale Raimi
Fantastic studio, and a fantastic Host, all equipments at your disposal, with loads of parking space. Been there twice and i felt welcomed. Got a glass of wine, coffee and cake from the Host last time i was there to shoot a pre-wedding. I am stuck
Gigi Chang
Gigi Chang
Best studio in London, super nice and warm space, most professional staff helping you, can’t be more happy about the shoot!
Andrei Oprescu
Andrei Oprescu
An amazing studio! Enjoyed working there! Staff was extra friendly and helpful on the day!

Photography studio and Film studio near London

Address: Unit 4, Brookmarsh Industrial Estate, 70 Norman Rd, London SE10 9QE

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