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Are you a photographer or filmmaker looking for the cheapest studio hire in London? Cineview Studios is an excellent photographic and film studio hire in South East London, Woolwich. This studio has a large white infinity cove, over 500+ photographic equipment with excellent price – including lights + modifiers.

London is an expensive city so finding an excellent professional studio is costly. Which is why you can always rely on us to be your No.1 reliable cheapest and most affordable photo studio hire in London.

How is Cineview Studios - THE cheapest studio hire in London?

For a very simple reason. We target clients who are looking for an affordable photography studio in London. Our clients are startup businesses, hobbyist photographer and professional photographers and new e-commerce businesses.

If you search and look around, other studios in London will charge you from £150 to £220 for 4 hours to as much as £350 for 4 hours. We can guarantee you that we are more than 50% cheaper than other photography studio in London.

We provide hands on lighting setup for you. So even if you never used a photography studio before, you will get the training before your booking. Our lights and modifiers are easy to use so you will get to know about our lights within five minutes. We will not leave the studio until you are happy with the lighting setup and output images.

Our studio is fully equipped for you to use with amazing photographic and filmmaking equipment – specifically catered to create professional photography and video. Check out our full studio hire equipment list.

Cineview Studios is the most affordable and cheapest photography studio hire in London. We will make sure our price is unbeatable.

Our studio is fully equipped. So once you arrive in the studio, you will be aware of exactly what you need.

Contact us today by calling us 020 3468 4236 or emailing us: to hire the most affordable and cheapest photography studio hire in London for your photoshoot.