GREEN SCREEN STUDIO LONDON For Green Screen Related Shoot, VFX, Music Videos, Green Screen Interviews – GREEN Screen Studio For All

Are you looking for a studio to shoot in green screen? We are one of the top large green screen studio in London. Affordable green screen studio for all type of green screen related shoot? Cineview Studios can provide you with the best accommodation possible.

What is green screen studio?

Green screen studio is a studio which has a large chroma green screen which can be used for vfx, music videos, adverts, promotions, film sequences and any type of shoot which can be used to add new background by replacing the green screen,

We have a large green screen studio for you to use on your video to create complete green screen chroma key. The green screen background can be removed easily using chroma keying from major post-production software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

Dimension of green screen 18m (wide) x 4.5m (height). Our green screen studio is ideal for 1 to a large group of people.

Simply slide the green screen from our railing system for your appropriate requirement size.

Hang all our lights fluorescent lights or tungsten lights in our lighting grid to light up the green screen.

Our green screen is very easy to use and if you want us to setup for you, let us know we can do that for you.


Are you looking for a studio in london to shoot green screen? Cineview Studios is fully equipped to shoot all green screen related videos. You can also create sets and our large open space means you can move around freely around the studio.

Call us on 020 8305 2849 for green screen studio hire quotation or contact us to hire our green screen studio in London.