Studio Equipment

Top 5 Essential Photo Studio Equipment

Running a photography studio is a very exciting job but at the same time, it can be difficult if you don't have basic and essential equipment in the studio...

Top 5 Essential Photo Studio Equipment

The Photography Show 2018

The Photography Show 2018 dates and exhibition and many more love events and professional photographers...

The Photography Show 2018
Photography Tutorial

Understanding Studio Light Modifiers

Comparing and understanding photography studio's light modifiers. The light modifiers used in this articles are: xl umbrella, octabox, softbox, beautydish. All of these modifiers are available to use in the studio...

Understanding Studio Light Modifiers
Announcement 12.10.2017

20+ Colorama Backdrops Available

Huge range of colorama backdrops available now in the studio for all photographers. Use backdrops for fashion photography, ecommerce photography, portrait photography, product photography and look-books...

Colorama Backdrops Studio
Guide 14.08.2017

eCommerce Product Photography Studio London

Photography Studio for hire for e-commerce businesses in London

e-Coommerce Photography Studio
Guide 13.06.2017

Cheap Photography Studio Hire London

Are you a photographer or filmmaker looking for the cheapest studio hire in London? Our studio price starts from £20/hour - cheapest studio hire rate in London. We also have bulk prices - £60 for 4 hours hire, £110 for 8 hours and £170 for 12 hours. Affordable studio.

Cheap Photography Studio Hire