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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Places to Shoot Music Videos

Are you an aspiring musician or a music video director who’s looking for the perfect location to shoot your next music video? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we’ll take you through some of the best places to shoot music videos that will make your video stand out and help you create a masterpiece that your audience won’t be able to get enough of.

Here are some recommended location for music video shoot if you are struggling to find inspiration to shoot your next music video!

1. Studio Hire

Studios like Cineview Studios are a popular location for music videos as they provide a controlled environment, various backdrops, and excellent lighting options. It’s an ideal location if you’re looking for a more polished or clean look, or if you’re shooting a dance video or choreographed performance. When choosing a studio, ensure that it has all the amenities you need and the space requirements are met.

2. Abandoned Places

One of the most popular locations for shooting music videos is abandoned places. These places provide a unique aesthetic and atmosphere that can’t be replicated in a regular studio. Abandoned factories, warehouses, and hospitals make for excellent music video locations, and they’re usually free to use. However, keep in mind that safety should always be your top priority, and you should ensure that the location is safe to shoot in.

3. Natural Sceneries

If you’re looking for a more picturesque location, natural sceneries like beaches, forests, and mountains make for excellent music video locations. These locations can add a lot of texture and depth to your video, and they’re perfect for music videos that have a more natural or organic feel. Always keep in mind the permit requirements for the location and the time of the day to shoot.

4. Urban Landscapes

Urban landscapes provide an edgy and raw look, perfect for hip-hop, rap or any genre that involves a high-energy performance. Think graffiti alleys, subway stations, and city streets. These locations are a bit more challenging to shoot, and they often require permits, but they can help you create a high-energy music video that stands out from the crowd.

5. Industrial Locations

If you’re looking for a unique backdrop for your music video, industrial locations like oil rigs, power plants, or mining sites can be an excellent choice. These locations provide an industrial feel that’s perfect for music videos with a more urban or mechanical vibe. These locations are often not easy to access and will require permits to shoot in.

6. Iconic Buildings and Landmarks

If you’re looking for a location that will make a statement, iconic buildings and landmarks make for excellent music video locations. Think of locations like the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, or the Sydney Opera House. These locations are perfect for music videos that need a grand and majestic feel. Keep in mind the permit requirements and ensure the timing of your shoot to avoid crowds.

7. Private Locations

If you’re looking for a more exclusive or personalised location, private properties can be a great option. Private homes, ranches, and even yachts make for great music video locations, and they’re perfect for music videos that require a more luxurious or opulent feel. However, keep in mind that you need to get the proper permissions, and there might be a hefty price tag to pay for the exclusivity.

In conclusion, choosing the right location for your music video is crucial in creating a masterpiece that will resonate with your audience. Whether you’re looking for an industrial, natural, or urban feel, the options are endless, and you’re sure to find a location that will fit your vision.

Studio for Music Video

Some of the great music videos shot at Cineview Studios has had millions of views and music bands are now touring abroad doing gigs.

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If you’re looking for a high-quality music video studio location in London, Cineview Studios is an excellent choice. With its prime location, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced team, you can be sure that your music video production will be a success. Book your shoot today and see the results for yourself.


Q: How much does it cost to hire Cineview Studios?
A: The cost of hiring Cineview Studios depends on a variety of factors, including the length of your shoot, the equipment you require, and the services you need. Contact the studio directly to get a quote via email: or call them: 020 8305 2849

Q: Does Cineview Studios offer post-production services?
A: No, at this moment, Cineview Studios does not offer post-production services. But, we can provide contact details of post-production companies who will be able to help you with post-production services.

Q: Can Cineview Studios accommodate large-scale music video productions?
A: Yes, Cineview Studios has two large film stages that can accommodate a range of music video production needs, from small-scale shoots to large-scale productions.


How to Shoot Music Videos: Guide & Best Practices

Music Videos are getting popular day by day. There is number of different platforms music video directors and artist are using to showcase their music videos. But, although it is very basic to know how to operate cameras and crew, it is vitally important to understand lighting and how to create amazing music videos in low budget. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide and set of best practices you need to follow in order to shoow music videos professionally as well as within budget of your client.

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed during many years of studio hire rental services, it’s that people heavily neglect lighting and many different ways to create amazing music videos in very little or no budget.

How to Shoot Music Videos: Guide & Best Practices 1

What is a music video?

Music video is a media entity where videos are shot either in one location or numerous location to promote, accompany to illustrate existence of artist music. Music videos can be shot on location, outdoor or in studio.


(example of music video shot in studio using track and dolly, arri skypanel and arri tungsten lights)

What is required to shoot music video?

Music videos can be shot with your phone these days but to be a professional music video director or to make your music video different from others in the market, you will need professional equipment. This will differentiate you from other director and helps you look professional around cast and crew while shooting music videos. So, its very important that you have professional equipment.


(professional lighting equipment from aputure 120D IIis a great solution to light up your subject. You can add colour gels on 120D II)

Additional Equipment?

There is so many equipment in the market so you need to do your research before you buy or hire out the equipment. You also need to consider before hiring or buying these equipment, whether they will be relevant to the music video shoot or not? If you get equipment that is not required for your shoot, you will waste money and time. So, run through your storyline with the artist or music video director and they can consult what will be required for the shoot.

We have made list below which we see regularly in the studio when people shoot music videos.

  • Gimbal - Ronin
  • Colour Lighting - RGB Lights (Tube light astera rgb light tube or 1x1 rgb lights)
  • Tripod - Use it for steady shots
  • Aputure 120D II (very popular, light weight powerful daylight light equipment)
  • Stands, clamps - Put lights and clamp other objects
  • Gels - Colour gels
  • Track and Dolly - Smooth tracking shots

Music Video Studio Hire?

Are you struggling to find a studio in London where you can shoot music video within your budget? Cineview Studios offeres excellent services for music videos shoot. We can everything you will need to create professional commercial high concept music video.