Things you should keep in mind while Film Studio Hire!

Film production without a studio is like fishing without water. Fish cannot survive without water, and film cannot be created without a studio. In the era of globalization and the internet, audio-visual content is gaining more and more significance. Whether you are making a 3-hour film or a 30-second clip, you need a studio with all the requirements. Considering the goal and type of film you want to make, choosing a film studio hire and its services play a critical role in film production. What I intend to do here is give you some tips that will help you produce an attractive film.

Film Studio Hire
Film Studio in London

1. Set the Goal and Type of Film

Before searching for and choosing a film studio, it is highly important to know the goal of your film and understand what kind of film you want to produce. Although it is related to the philosophy of art, you must choose your philosophy, which will not only set your direction but also affect your choice of the film studio. For example, if you believe in realism and want to make a film that shows your belief, you must choose a studio that can fulfill this requirement.

2. Lighting Equipment

One of the most significant elements in taking all types of shots is lighting, which requires various equipment. If a studio can provide you with all the equipment related to the lighting, such as LEDs and reflectors, it will make you satisfied. If a studio provides equipment that is used to create cinematic lighting, it will be a plus.

3. Shots on Green Screen

Every film consists of small shots, and every shot needs a specific background visual effect, which requires a green screen. Although short filmmakers can ignore the green screen, it is a must for big-budget films. A green screen allows film producers to add visual effects after shooting.

4. Area of the Studio

Depending upon your need firstly, estimate the number of workers you will employ in film production then choose the studio. The area of the studio gets significance when you are making a film that requires a large number of people such as films that show the scenes of war.

5. Cost of the Studio

The film studio hire needs to compare the cost of various studios, ranging from travel to microphones. Controlling expenses is an art, especially in filmmaking, because you can save thousands of dollars from a slight change in a shot.

These tips will help you make films ranging from a simple clip to a blockbuster film. It is clear that the film studio hire depends on your goals and the quality of the film you want to produce. It should be remembered that good producers always choose a good studio.

Film studio London is the one-stop solution for all your Photography or Videography needs.

If you are looking for a film studio london where you shoot your different types of photography or videography. Cineview Studio offers film studios at an affordable price. Here you will also get lighting and other required essentials even you can hire an expert who can assist you in performing your job in a better way. We also provide electricity for which you don’t need to pay extra.

You Can Hire Film Studio London for:

  • E-commerce Photography: E-commerce photography is one of the essential parts to showcase your product which helps you to attract the buyer the first impression. Clicking that photography at a professional place gives them more attention.
  • Commercial Photography: Today almost every organization is taking the service of commercial photography for promoting their business. Shooting Commercial photography at a studio makes it more appealing.
  • Product Photography: Weather you want to create a catalogue for your product, display your product photography on the internet, or you want to share it with your customer you need your product to look better. Shooting it at a studio makes it better to present anywhere.
  • Make-up Photography: If you are a make-up artist or a hair artist you may need to showcase your work to attract more customers, shooting it at the studio can help you to flaunt and give them a more beautiful look.
  • Short film shoot: If you are dreaming of shooting short films, you don’t need to invest in studios, lighting, and other things. You can make your dream come true by just hiring a film studio in London at an affordable price and can start your shooting. You can also bring your light if you want to bring it.
  • Ad shooting: For filming any ad it is necessary to make a set-up according to the requirement of the theme and story to make your ad look more real which is possible only at a studio.
  • Digital Content Creation: If you are a content creator and create digital content on different topics you may need a studio to make your content professional.
  • Music Shooting: A good set-up is required for any music shooting to make it attractive which the public wants to see and it also helps to give it a look according to the theme. Proper lighting and other required equipment will also be provided which help you during shooting. You also hire an expert assistant who will help you during the shooting.

If you want to shoot professionally you need a Film studio London. There you can get lighting and other equipment by which you can shoot without investing in those things. You can check the availability of the studio by calling us. We provide our studio 24*7 you can hire it according to your need.


Film Studio vs Location Shooting: Why Hiring a Film Studio Can Save You Time and Money

Studio vs Location Shooting: Why Hiring a Film Studio Can Save You Time and Money

When it comes to filming, there are two main options for shooting: a film studio or a location. While location shooting can be a great way to add realism and authenticity to your project, there are many reasons why hiring a film studio can save you time and money. In this article, we will explore the advantages of hiring a film studio over location shooting, and why Cineview Studios is the best option for cheap film studio hire in London.

The Benefits of Film Studio Hire

  1. Control Over Your Environment

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a film studio is the ability to control your environment. When you’re on location, you’re at the mercy of the weather, lighting, and other factors that can affect your shoot. In a studio, you have complete control over the lighting and temperature, which means you can create the perfect conditions for your shoot.


  1. Flexibility

Another advantage of hiring a film studio is the flexibility it offers. With a studio, you can create different sets for different scenes, and change them around as needed. This can save you a lot of time and money, as you won’t have to travel to different locations for each scene.

  1. Cost-Effective

Hiring a film studio can also be a cost-effective option. While location shooting can be expensive, especially if you have to travel or rent equipment, a studio provides everything you need under one roof. Additionally, many studios offer competitive rates for cheap film studio hire, making them an affordable option for independent filmmakers and small production companies.

  1. Access to Professional Equipment and Crew


When you hire a film studio, you also have access to professional equipment and crew. Many studios have a wide range of equipment available for rent, including cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. Additionally, they often have a team of experienced professionals who can help with everything from set design to post-production.

Why Cineview Studios is the Best Option for Film Studio Hire in London

When it comes to film studio hire in London, Cineview Studios is the number one choice for many filmmakers. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Affordable Rates

Cineview Studios offers some of the most affordable rates for film studio hire in London. They understand that making a film can be a costly endeavour, which is why they strive to keep their rates as low as possible.

  1. Professional Equipment and Crew

At Cineview Studios, you’ll have access to a wide range of professional film studio equipment and a team of experienced professionals to help with your shoot. They have a full range of cameras, lighting and sound equipment, as well as a team of experienced professionals that can help you with everything from set design to post-production.

  1. Flexible Spaces

Cineview Studios also offers a range of flexible spaces for you to choose from. Whether you need a large space for a big production or a smaller space for a more intimate shoot, they have a space that will suit your needs.


  1. Convenient Location

Cineview Studios is conveniently located in London, making it easy for you to get to and from the studio. This can save you time and money on travel costs.

Cineview Studios Location:

Unit 4, Brookmarsh Industrial Estate, 70 Norman Road, London SE10 9QE


When it comes to filming, hiring the best film studio can save you time and money. With the ability to control your environment, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and access to professional equipment and crew, film studio hire is a great option for independent filmmakers and small production companies. Cineview Studios is the best option for cheap film studio hire in London.

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How to Shoot Music Videos: Guide & Best Practices

Music Videos are getting popular day by day. There is number of different platforms music video directors and artist are using to showcase their music videos. But, although it is very basic to know how to operate cameras and crew, it is vitally important to understand lighting and how to create amazing music videos in low budget. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide and set of best practices you need to follow in order to shoow music videos professionally as well as within budget of your client.

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed during many years of studio hire rental services, it’s that people heavily neglect lighting and many different ways to create amazing music videos in very little or no budget.

How to Shoot Music Videos: Guide & Best Practices 1

What is a music video?

Music video is a media entity where videos are shot either in one location or numerous location to promote, accompany to illustrate existence of artist music. Music videos can be shot on location, outdoor or in studio.


(example of music video shot in studio using track and dolly, arri skypanel and arri tungsten lights)

What is required to shoot music video?

Music videos can be shot with your phone these days but to be a professional music video director or to make your music video different from others in the market, you will need professional equipment. This will differentiate you from other director and helps you look professional around cast and crew while shooting music videos. So, its very important that you have professional equipment.


(professional lighting equipment from aputure 120D IIis a great solution to light up your subject. You can add colour gels on 120D II)

Additional Equipment?

There is so many equipment in the market so you need to do your research before you buy or hire out the equipment. You also need to consider before hiring or buying these equipment, whether they will be relevant to the music video shoot or not? If you get equipment that is not required for your shoot, you will waste money and time. So, run through your storyline with the artist or music video director and they can consult what will be required for the shoot.

We have made list below which we see regularly in the studio when people shoot music videos.

  • Gimbal - Ronin
  • Colour Lighting - RGB Lights (Tube light astera rgb light tube or 1x1 rgb lights)
  • Tripod - Use it for steady shots
  • Aputure 120D II (very popular, light weight powerful daylight light equipment)
  • Stands, clamps - Put lights and clamp other objects
  • Gels - Colour gels
  • Track and Dolly - Smooth tracking shots

Music Video Studio Hire?

Are you struggling to find a studio in London where you can shoot music video within your budget? Cineview Studios offeres excellent services for music videos shoot. We can everything you will need to create professional commercial high concept music video.