Everything you should know about Fashion Photography Studios!

Fashion photography is an art form that combines style, creativity, and storytelling to create captivating visual narratives. To bring these visions to life, fashion photographers rely on the perfect setting: the fashion photography studio. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of fashion photography studios, exploring their significance and the key elements that make them indispensable tools for creating stunning fashion imagery.

Fashion Commercial Photography
Portrait of a supermodel standing in front of a bicycle for a fashion photography shoot.

1. The Importance of a Fashion Photography Studio

When it comes to fashion photography, the studio plays a pivotal role in setting the stage for capturing the essence of fashion. Here are a few reasons why fashion photography studios are crucial:

a. Controlled Environment: A fashion photography studio provides a controlled environment where photographers can manipulate lighting, backdrop, and other elements to achieve their desired aesthetics. This controlled setting allows for consistent results, ensuring the focus remains on the fashion and the model.

b. Privacy and Comfort: Fashion studios offer a private and comfortable space for models, stylists, and photographers to collaborate without distractions. This controlled environment allows everyone involved to focus solely on creating stunning visuals.

c. Versatile Settings: Modern fashion photography studios offer a range of versatile settings to cater to various fashion styles and themes. From minimalistic and contemporary to vintage and extravagant, these studios provide a canvas to bring any fashion concept to life.

2. Essential Elements of a Fashion Photography Studio

To optimize the output of a fashion photography studio, certain key elements must be considered:

a. Lighting: Lighting is the backbone of fashion photography. Studios are equipped with professional lighting setups, including softboxes, strobes, and reflectors, to create the perfect illumination for capturing the details, textures, and colors of fashion garments.

b. Backdrops and Props: Fashion studios offer an array of backdrops and props to create different moods and enhance the visual impact of the images. From solid colors to textured backdrops, and from furniture to accessories, these elements add depth and context to the fashion story.

c. Photography Equipment: A fully equipped fashion photography studio should have a wide range of cameras, lenses, and other essential equipment to cater to different shooting styles and requirements. High-resolution cameras and quality lenses ensure the sharpness and clarity needed for professional fashion photography.

3. Choosing the Right Fashion Photography Studio

When selecting a fashion photography studio, keep the following factors in mind:

a. Size and Space: Consider the size and layout of the studio to ensure it can accommodate your shooting needs comfortably. Ample space allows for creative freedom and flexibility during the shoot.

b. Amenities and Facilities: Look for studios that provide changing rooms, makeup areas, and comfortable seating for the team. These amenities contribute to a smooth and productive shoot.

c. Location and Accessibility: Choose a studio with a convenient location and easy accessibility for the team and the models. This ensures a hassle-free experience and saves time and effort.

Fashion photography studios serve as the backbone of the fashion industry, providing an environment where creative visions can come to life. With their controlled settings, versatile backdrops, professional lighting, and essential equipment, these studios are a photographer’s playground for capturing timeless beauty. By understanding the importance of a fashion photography studio and considering the essential elements, you can make an informed choice when selecting the right studio for your fashion shoots. So, let the journey begin and create stunning fashion imagery that tells stories beyond words!


The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Cheap Ecommerce Photo Studios

I. Introduction

A. Importance of product photography for ecommerce businesses

Product photography is crucial for online businesses as it is the first impression customers have of a product. High-quality product photography can help increase product appeal, provide a better understanding of product details, and increase customer trust and confidence.

B. Challenges of hiring professional photo studios

Hiring a professional photo studio can be expensive and may not be feasible for small businesses or startups. Additionally, not all professional photo studios offer the same level of quality or service, making it difficult to find the right one. Cineview Studios is No.1 affordable photo studio for online ecommerce photography business.

C. Solution: Finding the best cheap ecommerce photo studio

To overcome these challenges, finding a cheap ecommerce photo studio that offers quality services is crucial. This will help businesses improve their product photography without breaking the bank. The goal of this post is to provide tips and tricks for finding the best cheap ecommerce photo studio.

II. Tips and Tricks to Finding the Best Cheap Ecommerce Photo Studio

A. Look for photo studios who can accept collection of your products

Having your products picked up by the photo studio can be convenient, especially if you have a large number of products to be photographed. This saves time and effort in transporting the products to the studio.
Shipping products to the photo studio can add significant costs, especially for larger or heavier products. Having the photo studio collect your products can help reduce these expenses and lower your overall cost for product photography.

B. Good studio lighting and equipment

Proper lighting is crucial for achieving high-quality product photography. The right lighting setup can make a huge difference in the final results, highlighting the product’s features and making it look its best.

When choosing a photo studio, look for one that has professional studio lighting equipment. This will ensure that your products are well-lit and that the final images have a professional look and feel.

Different types of lighting equipment can produce different effects, so it’s important to consider what type of lighting is best for your products. Photography Flash lights, softbox lighting is often used for product photography, as it provides a soft, even light that minimises shadows and highlights product details.

III. Conclusion

In conclusion, choosing a cheap ecommerce photo studio is an important decision for your online business. With the right studio, you can achieve high-quality product photography that showcases your products in their best light and helps to increase sales. When searching for a best photo studio for ecommerce, look for one that has the right combination of experience, equipment, and pricing to meet your needs. By following these guidelines and taking the time to find the right studio, you can ensure that your products are photographed in a way that highlights their best features and helps you to achieve your business goals.


Top 5 Tips For ECommerce Photographers

Top 5 Tips for E-commerce Photographers

What is e-commerce photography?

E-commerce photography is a type of commercial photography taken indoor / outdoor to show product shape, colour, feature and description for online stores.

Who is e-commerce photographer?

An e-commerce photographers are commercial photographers who specialises in taking pictures of online stores who sells products online.

E-commerce is very popular all over the world. More and more people are buying things online so this is a high time for anyone to start an e-commerce websites. There is hardly any cost involve in creating an e-commerce stores online thanks to online platform like shopify, wordpress and wix.

However, if you are planning to run an e-commerce business then you must need a photographer (regular e-commerce photographer or e-commerce studio whom you can regularly hire to shoot your products.

Over 90% of customers’ buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

We regularly shoot e-commerce photography in our studio. From our experience we have great tips for any e-commerce photographers or any photographers who wants to start building career as an e-commerce photographers.

1) Lights


Whether you are shooting e-commerce photography in studio or outdoor, remember it is vitally important that you have some form of external lights at your disposal. It does not matter if it’s a small led lights, continuous lights or simple speed light.

You as a photographer need to communicate thoroughly with the production manager or client regarding lights.

What can I be prepared if I am shooting e-commerce photography in Studio?
You need to call the studio and ask how many lights are available. What type of modifiers are available? What type of stands and backdrops are available? These are some of the basic questions you need ask the studio prior to the shoot instead of asking on the day which means you are wasting your time and client’s time.

Are you shooting e-commerce photography outdoor?
Make sure you have external lights in hand. Hire them if you don’t have one. Do you have reflector to bounce lights?

Lights are really important when shooting for e-commerce photography so make sure these are all clear in pre-production stage so that there is no surprise when you turn up on the shoot.

2) Lens

Camera Lenses

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we have options for everything in photography? You can and it doesn’t take much effort or money.

Carrying 1-3 different lens for e-commerce photoshoot will help you tremendously. We recommend you carry, 24-70mm and 70-200mm. It doesn’t make which lens you carry as long as you have more than one lens in your bag, you can fight the struggle on the day of the shoot.

Lens are very pricey but you don’t recommend you spend all your money buying expensive lens. Remember, at this day and age, you can hire everything. So, if you don’t have different type of lens, make sure you hire them.

Why do I need more than one lens?
You want to carry more than one lens because if you drop one lens and it breaks you have another as an option. Remember anything can happen on the day of the shoot. This is just one of the worst case scenario and its a big scenario. You want to make sure you don’t have to carry the burden and hassle from your client and models if the shoot cancels because of your problem.

3) Weather


Plan ahead is what we suggest for e-commerce photographers. Don’t be lazy. Be pro-active and plan ahead of your shoot and communicate to your client or agency.

How is weather important for e-commerce photography?
If you are shooting outdoor, on the street, just make sure you check weather of that location. Make sure your client is aware of the weather report. If not, make them aware. Communicate with them. This is so important. It will take 1-3 minutes of your time which can end up saving your whole day.

4) Tether Shoot

Image: tathertools.com

Over 3 years, we have taken e-commerce photography for over 2,000 brands. One system and tools we love shooting is tether shooting.

What is tether shooting?
Tether shooting is live preview shoot from your camera to computer via usb cable or wireless.

Why do I need to tether shoot for e-commerce photoshoot?
Tether shoot helps speed up your photoshoot. You can instantly view the image in large screen making adjustment quicker in production rather than in post-production. Do not just rely on camera preview screen, not when you are shooting e-commerce photography for clients and agencies.

Try to supplement tether shooting on your e-commerce photoshoot, it will help you speed up the process. Your clients and editors can flag, pick and choose the good photos and delete the bad ones instantly – saving everyone’s time.

4) Iron + Iron Board


If you are shooting e-commerce photography for online clothing store, it is really important that the outfits are crease free before you take pictures.

Why do I need to Iron?
Ironing outfits before your shoot will get rid creases and dirt off. So, when you take pictures the pictures will open out exactly how your client visioned it – smooth and crease free.

Spending 5-10 minutes ironing outfits and dresses will save you and the editor 5-10 hours in post-production. When you hire studio for your e-commerce photoshoot, make sure you ask for iron + iron board.

Are you looking for e-commerce photography studio?
Cineview Studios is an e-commerce photography studio serving over 400+ e-commerce brands a year. Providing total e-commerce photography service with peace of mind.

Contact us on 020 3468 4236 today or email us: info@cineviewstudios.com for quotation.


eCommerce Product Photography Studio London

e-Commerce Photography Studio in London

Do you run an e-commerce business selling clothes, hats, jeans, dresses, jackets, shoes and accessories? Hire our professional photo studio in London to take pictures of all your products. Our studio is well equipped for your e-commerce business. We have a large white infinity cove for pure white background.

We provide hands on lighting setup for your e-commerce photoshoot. So even if you have never used a photography studio before, you will get the training before your booking. Our lights and modifiers are easy to use so you will get to know about our lights within five minutes. We will not leave the studio until you are happy with the lighting setup and images.

Here are some of the e-commerce businesses who have used our studio. Be part of the leading e-commerce business in London.

Internet e-commerce business works as a functional base for engaging in online trade. Without proper professional photograph, online e-commerce businesses are virtually invisible to perspective customers.

Though you can take pictures at a home studio or outdoor, quality and expertise of creating outstanding professional pictures for your products is always at a commercial studio.

The trick is to go for a commercial studio like Cineview Studios who has a consistent track record and experience in delivering eCommerce photography services.

Our expertise in eCommerce photography services will transform your online store with professional and quality pictures which can bring more revenue and sales in your business.

Cineview Studios also offers a few value added eCommerce photography services that can be availed for complete online photography management which include:

  • Taking professional pictures
  • Editing images
  • Resizing images to fit your website
  • Providing posing technique for models
  • Providing different colour backdrops
  • Providing RAW and JPEG format images

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Cineview Studios has a dedicated team of eCommerce photographers – experts in managing e-commerce photography. Get in touch with our online services at info@cineviewstudios.com to discuss your specific requirements.