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Top 5 Essential Photo Studio Equipment


Running a photography studio is a very exciting job but at the same time, it can be difficult if you don’t have essential equipment in the studio. These are the top 5 equipment that enhance the efficiency and simplifies photography shoot in a studio.

1) C-Stands


C-stand means century stand, they are used primarily to position light and modifiers but is used to setup cameras, lights, flags, diffusion panels, silles, scrims and anything you can think of. Our c-stands are used absolutely everyday in the studio. It is the most important investment for any photographer and filmmaker out there.

2) Polyboards


These are large sheets of thick foam used in photography as light modifiers to reflect light and create shadows. Most photography studios use black and white polyboard to block light and bounce light. You use a black side to block light and white side to reflect or bounce light back to the subject (can be used as a fill light).

2) Sand Bags


Sand bags is used in studio to help stablise and support lighting and grip equipment. Usually bags are empty when bought new and can be filled with gravel, sang, rocks or any other material to add weight. You can buy cheap sand bags from ebay.

We have great tops to make sand bags last long for years. Firstly, fill sand in a plastic bag and tape it all over using duck tape. Then put it inside the sand bag. This helps prevent sand bags from wear and tear.

4) Extension Cables

Top 5 Essential Photo Studio Equipment 1

Extension cables are one of the most important equipment to have in a photo studio. There are many types of extension cables in the market. We suggest you avoid buying small extension cables and for long cables which are much more powerful and can hold more power as well as easy to move around in the studio.

We bought our cables from Argos

5) A Clamps


There are so many purposes and use of clamps in a photo studio. You can get various sizes of clamps from small 4″ to 8″. You should buy various sizes of clamps which can then be used for different purposes. In our studio we have over 20+ clamps which we use in daily basis from holding a fabric in a c-stand to holding our backdrops. Clamps can be used to hold flags, diffusers, boards and backdrops.

Buy it you will definitely use it and when it works, you will love clamps. Wex Photography sells various clamps. Click here to buy clamps.

Hope this helps you understand why you need these essential photography equipment at a studio. We have professional and essential studio hire equipment like these in our studio. If you are looking for a photo studio hire, contact us today!

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